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  • 01 April 2021
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£2,595 (including gift aid)

Join a team here OR sponsor an entrant or a team

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Raising money for

Alzheimers Society

Dementia devastates lives and currently there are over 850,000 people living with dementia but by 2021 1 million people will be living with the condition.

In Surrey there are currently over 14,000 people affected by this condition.  Alzheimer’s Society is the leading care and research charity offering expert information, training, and support services to all those who need our help.  And we are creating a more dementia friendly society so people with the condition can live without fear and prejudice.

Thank you, remember every penny counts in the fight against dementia.

Alzheimer's Society - United Against Dementia

The Children's Trust

The Children’s Trust gives children and young people with brain injury and neurodisability the opportunity to live the best life possible by providing specialist rehabilitation, education and community services across the UK.

We help children restore lost skills or develop new ways of doing things, all the time supporting the family with their child’s newly acquired disability, transition home and plan for the future.

Our school is a unique setting for children and young people with a wide range of special needs including neurodisability and complex education, health, therapy and care needs. We welcome residential and day pupils, aged two to 19 years.

Our Brain Injury Hub website, reaches families mainly in the UK, but also across the globe, providing families with free support and advice.