Kelly's VIRTUAL Clandon Park Run 2020

  • 10k run
  • 4k run

You are being encouraged to do daily exercise right now so why not take part in our Kelly's VIRTUAL Clandon Park Run!

This is a virtual event as due to current restrictions we could not hold the annual live event but still wish to support George Abbot PTA. You can complete the 4k or 10k at a time and place that suits you. Event the event, Join our Strava club and share your run with us, then receive a certificate for your efforts! 


How to take part in our VIRTUAL RUN


1. Enter the event by clicking the "Enter Event" button above


2. Sign up to Strava (it's free!) and join our Kelly's Virtual Clandon Park Run club.  


3. Decide for yourself a date and which distance you're going to run. 


4. Run whenever, wherever suits you and share on the Strava club BEFORE 30th MAY! 


6. Shout about it on social media - you've done something awesome!


7. Let us know that you have done your run, receive your certificate in the post!

Kelly's VIRTUAL Clandon Park Run2020

Run WHEREVER, WHENEVER you like! Just make sure that you keep yourself and others safe when you are out by keeping your distance from others. 

Event Registration Opens Warm Up Time Start Time
10k run 00:00 AM 00:00 AM 00:00 AM
4k run 00:00 AM 00:00 AM 00:00 AM

This is a virtual event  NOT an organised sporting event. By signing up you are donating to George Abbot PTA  and can undertake your run whenever, wherever suits you. Join our Strava club, let us know you have completed the distance and we will send you an award certificate. 



We hope that by offering this virtual option we can help you to keep yourself fit & healthy & at the same time continue to support our charities despite current restrictions. We plan to continue to hold live events when the situation has returned to normal.




WHEREVER YOU LIKE! Just make sure to join our Strava club, and let us know when you have run! 

Terms & Conditions

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