Kelly's Run the Race 2020

  • London Marathon (26 Miles)
  • Race to the King (52 Miles)
  • The Pen Llyn Classic (75 Miles)
  • The Ultra Trail (104 Miles)

Kelly's Run the Race

Take on some of the toughest races in the UK, all in your local area!

Ever wanted to do a Marathon? Want to set yourself a REAL challenge in June? Set yourself the target of completing one of these 4 tough UK races. 

 You don't have to do the whole distance in one run. You can do just a few miles every day at a time and place that suits you. The distance will be accumulated so push yourself and get running! See how long it takes to complete. 

***We're also offering special prizes to those who get the highest elevation in June so pick the hilliest routes you can!***

100% of your donation will go straight to charity.

How to take part in KELLY'S RUN the RACE

1. Enter the event HERE on this website. 

2. Choose your challenge; which race will it be?  

3. Run whenever, wherever suits you. Track your runs & elevation yourself OR through our Strava club so we can track your progress for you.

4. Complete your chosen challenge & receive your bespoke medal for completing your challenge!  Maybe pick up a prize too?


We suggest a voluntary donation of only £5 for all distances in this event. We would encourage you though to choose a larger donation from the drop down menu if you can. Thank you!




Kelly's Run the Race2020

You can do whatever route you like! Over the hills, round the track, on the road... your choice! Just make sure that you keep yourself and others safe when you are out by keeping your distance from others. 

Here's are the routes that you are up against...

London Marathon 

Ultra Marathon

Pen Llyn Classic 

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc 


Event Registration Opens Start Time
London Marathon (26 Miles)
Race to the King (52 Miles)
The Pen Llyn Classic (75 Miles)
The Ultra Trail (104 Miles)

This is a virtual event.There is no chip timing & no race numbers are allocated.

There are no water stations so don't forget to take your re-usable water bottle.


Terms & Conditions

Click here to view the Terms & Conditions for the event.