Kelly's Guildford 10k 2019 - Team BizSoc

  • 16 February 2019
  • University of Surrey, Stag Hill
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As the University of Surrey Business Society, we are excited to take part in the Kelly's Guildford 10k run to raise money for charity in partnership with the University of Surrey Students' Union.


Money raised so far

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Our target

Team Members:

Activity: 5k run
Raised: £10
Activity: 5k run
Raised: £0
Activity: 5k run
Raised: £0
Activity: 5k run
Raised: £0


  • Wesley Tom sponsored Adesuwa Obasohan for £10.00
    Go Ade hope you run for your life and have a sprite on me. Instagram:Westoms
  • anonymous sponsored BizSoc for £1.00

Raising money for

Oakleaf Enterprise

Whilst mental health has become a ‘hot-topic’ over the last few years, Oakleaf have been working tirelessly to support some of the most vulnerable adults in the Surrey community since 1997. Their beneficiaries are adults aged 16-67 suffering from any mental illness, including schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar disorder and anxiety.  They address multiple problems of social isolation, unemployment, poverty and discrimination that their clients face.  They help clients to overcome huge barriers and work with them to rebuild their future - by actively training, engaging and supporting them to gain practical skills and the confidence needed to return to the workplace.

In 2019, Oakleaf supported over 720 individuals in the Surrey community, helping 75 people back into employment. Their support made 84% of clients feel more confident and 91% of clients feel less isolated.

Shooting Star Chase

Shooting Star Chase is a leading children’s hospice charity caring for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families.

What happens with these donations?

All sponsorship and donations made using this website are immediately transferred by Kelly"s Storage Charity Events to the chosen charity or charities.

N.B. All processing fees are paid by Kelly"s Storage - this means if you donate £100, the charity will receive £100 unlike payments made on other "giving" sites where a percentage is deducted for administration.

Remember to tick the Gift Aid box if applicable so the charity can claim an additional 25% at no extra cost to you.

100% of the money you donate on this website will go directly to charity. We make no deductions at all and charge no transaction fees.