Kelly's Cross Country

Sunday, 20 October 2019
Kelly's Cross Country

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Activity Entrant
10k run Ahsan Khan
10k run Aidan Hunter
10k run Amy Offer
10k run Cathy Harkus
10k run danni lamaignere
10k run Emma Langham
10k run Emma Gallo Snushall
10k run Fiona Punter
10k run Glen Smith
10k run Glyn Watkins
10k run Hannah Evans
10k run Ian Trail
10k run Jessica Farazmand
10k run Jonathan Davies
10k run Julian Fletcher
10k run Lisa Blake
10k run Louisa Stacey
10k run Louise Marston
10k run Mark Bell
10k run Nicki Evans
10k run Pam Jamieson
10k run Roya Hamid
10k run Stacey East
10k run Sue Davies
10k run Tonia page
10k run Victoria Holder
10k run William Swift
1k children's race Abigail Offer
1k children's race Alfie Meredith
1k children's race Ava Buckell
1k children's race Charlie Punter
1k children's race eloise lamaignere
1k children's race Emily Offer
1k children's race Rebecca Nunns
1k children's race Rosie Nunns
1k children's race Sophia Meredith
1k children's race Sophie Brinkworth
1k children's race Sophie Harris
1k children's race Tom Buckell
1k children's race William Welch
5k run Anna Gibbs
5k run Ashley Gordon
5k run Darrel Welch
5k run Eddie Gordon
5k run Emily Blackley
5k run George Mcdade
5k run Isobelle Punter
5k run Jo Buckell
5k run John Williams
5k run Linsey Meredith
5k run Mike Meredith
5k run Orla Welch
5k run Rachel Barraclough
5k run Stephen Barraclough
5k run Will Snushall-Khan
5k walk Chris Marston
5k walk Laxmi Maddineni
5k walk Raaga Boyapati
5k walk Raghu Boyapati
5k walk Sharon Hamer
5k walk Susan Hamer
5k walk Tanishq Boyapati
Half Marathon Andy Little
Half Marathon Ben Murray
Half Marathon Chris Hinton
Half Marathon corrin sheppard
Half Marathon Daren Piper
Half Marathon Ellie Wardell
Half Marathon Fiona Wright
Half Marathon Hester van Schalkwyk
Half Marathon jack spencer
Half Marathon John Taylor
Half Marathon Kevin Wardell
Half Marathon Laura Geaves
Half Marathon Mark Ward
Half Marathon Martin Green
Half Marathon Michael Lewis
Half Marathon Natalie Grant
Half Marathon nick spencer
Half Marathon Rajendran Raju
Half Marathon Richard Garrood
Half Marathon Trefor Harris
Half Marathon Zelie Lewis
Teams Little Legs
Teams Fleeting Feet
Teams Orla & Darrel
Teams GC Barristers
Teams GFitPT&Boxing