Kelly's Cross Country

Sunday, 20 October 2019
Kelly's Cross Country

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Activity Entrant
10k run Adam Powell
10k run Adam Golder
10k run Adrien Royer
10k run Ahsan Khan
10k run Aidan Hunter
10k run Al Lye
10k run Alex Mayne
10k run Alexander Holland
10k run Ali Brown
10k run Alice Freeman
10k run Amy Offer
10k run Amy Mapp
10k run Andrea Brogan
10k run andrew wilson
10k run Andrew Marshall
10k run Andrew Comyn
10k run Andrew Flanagan
10k run Andy Coyle
10k run Angus Cowan
10k run Anna Kikut
10k run Avone Keene
10k run Barbara Lofts
10k run Ben Marlow
10k run Bethany Holdsworth
10k run Bruce Penson
10k run Bruce Lambourne
10k run Cara Annett
10k run Carla Benjamin
10k run Caroline Sams
10k run Catarina Podevyn
10k run Catherine Pretty
10k run Cathy Harkus
10k run Cathy Anderson
10k run chris elliott
10k run Chris Gregory
10k run Chris Bull
10k run Chris Moore
10k run Chris Bazen
10k run Christopher Hyatt-Twynam
10k run Claire Hurford
10k run Craig Brown
10k run Dan Sonley
10k run Daniel Titcomb
10k run Daniel Rolfe
10k run Daniel Cundy
10k run Daniella Garner
10k run danni lamaignere
10k run Darren Belmore
10k run Daryl Martin
10k run David Gooding
10k run David Stephens
10k run Deborah Riseley
10k run Dominique Hopgood
10k run Doug Johnson
10k run Ed Cheeseman
10k run Eddie Chauncy
10k run Eleanor Baston
10k run Emily Palmer
10k run Emma Langham
10k run Emma Gallo Snushall
10k run Emma Sherwood
10k run Emma Auzins
10k run Emma Jackson
10k run Emma Hawkins
10k run Finn James
10k run Fiona Punter
10k run Fiona Prowting
10k run Fran Wood
10k run Francesca Rossi
10k run Francesca sist
10k run Gaby Edelson
10k run Gareth Davies
10k run Genevieve Melbourne Webb
10k run George Musgrave
10k run Glen Smith
10k run Glyn Watkins
10k run Grace Lyon
10k run Hannah Evans
10k run Harry Charlton
10k run Helen Sherlock
10k run Helen Back
10k run Helen Turner
10k run helen lawson
10k run Henry Hurndall
10k run Holly Kiri
10k run Ian Trail
10k run Ivan Laws
10k run Jack Carter
10k run James O'Shea
10k run James McCloud
10k run Jan Zachnik
10k run Jennifer Kingham
10k run Jessica Farazmand
10k run Jessica Macleod
10k run Johanna Anderson
10k run John Earle
10k run Johnny Hodges
10k run Jonathan Davies
10k run Jonathan Pressey
10k run Jorge Montiel
10k run Joseph Comyn
10k run Julia Macleod
10k run Julian Fletcher
10k run Julie Hargreaves
10k run Kate Harper
10k run Kelly Wallace
10k run Kerry Webb
10k run Kevin McDonald
10k run Kevin Bailey
10k run Kevin Urwin
10k run Laura Whittington
10k run Laura Sabharwal
10k run Lauren Bingham
10k run Linda Tombs
10k run Lisa Blake
10k run Lisa McLaren
10k run Lisa Hemmings
10k run Liz Gibson
10k run Lorraine Field
10k run Louisa Stacey
10k run Louise Marston
10k run Lucinda Lighting
10k run Lukas Appenzeller
10k run Luke Hambling-Negus
10k run Lyn Swayne
10k run Marcus Pressey
10k run Marion Ellingham
10k run Mark Bell
10k run Mark Pateman
10k run Mark Batchelor
10k run Mark Churn
10k run martin brogan
10k run Martin Hodgson
10k run Mary Flanagan
10k run Mathieu Davy
10k run Matt Oliver
10k run Megan Dooley
10k run Mhairi Fergusson
10k run michael harrison
10k run Michael G.
10k run Michael Renton
10k run Michael Stephens
10k run Michelle Collins
10k run Michelle Oakes
10k run Mike Levick
10k run nick spencer
10k run Nicki Evans
10k run Nicky Hack
10k run Niki Brooks
10k run Pam Jamieson
10k run Patricia Comyn
10k run Patrick Gregory
10k run Paul Raymond
10k run Paul Comyn
10k run Paul Lofting
10k run Paul Quinnell
10k run Peter Muncey
10k run Philip Bell
10k run Philip Masters
10k run Rachel White
10k run Rachel Le Maire
10k run Rachel Mapp
10k run Ray Powell
10k run Rebecca Holburn
10k run Rebecca Ford
10k run Rebecca Wakefield
10k run Remy Martin
10k run Rich Gercke
10k run Richard Byrne
10k run Richard Hodgson
10k run Richard Leader
10k run Rob Hawtin
10k run Robert Duggan
10k run Rosie Pope
10k run Rowena Hornshaw
10k run Roya Hamid
10k run Sam Wakr
10k run Sandra Leslie
10k run sarah bishop
10k run Sarah Alexander
10k run Sarah Roberts
10k run Sophie Cole
10k run Stacey East
10k run Stacey Muncey
10k run Stephanie Bulley
10k run stephen crouch
10k run Steve Speer
10k run Steven Hextall
10k run Steven Evans
10k run Sue Davies
10k run Sue Browne
10k run Suzanne Bantel
10k run T Harris
10k run Tamara Pedgrift
10k run Tanya Boardman
10k run Tara Webb
10k run Tara Oxley
10k run Tara Pandey
10k run Thomas Beck
10k run Tina JONES
10k run Tom Johnston
10k run Tom Hammersley
10k run Tom MacKenzie
10k run Tori Organ
10k run Tracey Mills
10k run Victoria Holder
10k run Warren Moore
10k run Wendy Gibling
10k run William Swift
10k run William Johnston
10k run William Royer
10k run Yvonne Neame
1k children's race (under 6) Abigail Offer
1k children's race (under 6) Albie Higgins
1k children's race (under 6) Alexia Wilson
1k children's race (under 6) Anna Morgan
1k children's race (under 6) Anusha Sabharwal
1k children's race (under 6) Aoife Gercke
1k children's race (under 6) Aurelia Knight
1k children's race (under 6) Ava Hinson
1k children's race (under 6) Beatrice Scott wilson
1k children's race (under 6) Bella Oliver
1k children's race (under 6) Charlie Punter
1k children's race (under 6) chloe hadley
1k children's race (under 6) Diane Benjamin
1k children's race (under 6) eloise lamaignere
1k children's race (under 6) Emily Offer
1k children's race (under 6) Finn Elsden
1k children's race (under 6) Gill May
1k children's race (under 6) Harry Elsden
1k children's race (under 6) Henry Morgan
1k children's race (under 6) Henry Piper
1k children's race (under 6) Hugo Laws
1k children's race (under 6) Isla Gunney
1k children's race (under 6) J H
1k children's race (under 6) jayson hadley
1k children's race (under 6) Jon Mack
1k children's race (under 6) Juliette Barnes
1k children's race (under 6) Kelly Blake
1k children's race (under 6) Libby Edelson
1k children's race (under 6) Lilah Haskell
1k children's race (under 6) Lilly Morris
1k children's race (under 6) Livvy Gercke
1k children's race (under 6) Mollie Willis
1k children's race (under 6) Monty Martin
1k children's race (under 6) Naomi Benjamin
1k children's race (under 6) Nellie Blake
1k children's race (under 6) Nina Winterbottom
1k children's race (under 6) Ophelia SOPHOCLEOUS
1k children's race (under 6) Penelope Berry
1k children's race (under 6) Petra Tudor
1k children's race (under 6) Ruby Larcombe
1k children's race (under 6) Sam May
1k children's race (under 6) Sammy Cliff
1k children's race (under 6) Sophia Bantel
1k children's race (under 6) Sophie Harris
1k children's race (under 6) Sophie Le Maire
1k children's race (under 6) Tina Larcombe
1k children's race (under 6) William Welch
1k children's race (under 6) Zach Bantel
1k children's race (under 6) Zachary Notley
3K Children's Race (7-11) Alfie Meredith
3K Children's Race (7-11) Amelia Morgan
3K Children's Race (7-11) Amelia Barnetson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Ava Buckell
3K Children's Race (7-11) Benjamin Sabharwal
3K Children's Race (7-11) Charlie Sonley
3K Children's Race (7-11) Dexter Pretty
3K Children's Race (7-11) Dougie Johnson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Eddy Holmes
3K Children's Race (7-11) Elizabeth Mitchell
3K Children's Race (7-11) Emily Pendegrass
3K Children's Race (7-11) Finn Haskell
3K Children's Race (7-11) Florence Holburn
3K Children's Race (7-11) George Holmwood
3K Children's Race (7-11) hannah hadley
3K Children's Race (7-11) Henrietta Laws
3K Children's Race (7-11) Henry Moore
3K Children's Race (7-11) Imi Fraser
3K Children's Race (7-11) Isabella Wilson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Jacob Sonley
3K Children's Race (7-11) James Barnetson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Jessica Pendegrass
3K Children's Race (7-11) Joseph Black
3K Children's Race (7-11) katharine hadley
3K Children's Race (7-11) Katherine Tillett
3K Children's Race (7-11) Miles Mitchell
3K Children's Race (7-11) Neil Barnetson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Oliver Holburn
3K Children's Race (7-11) Ophelia Scott wilson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Orla Welch
3K Children's Race (7-11) Oscar Haskell
3K Children's Race (7-11) Rachel Barnetson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Rebecca Nunns
3K Children's Race (7-11) Riley Edelson
3K Children's Race (7-11) Rohan Sabharwal
3K Children's Race (7-11) Rose Gorringe
3K Children's Race (7-11) Rosie Nunns
3K Children's Race (7-11) Sarah Llewellyn
3K Children's Race (7-11) Skye Willis
3K Children's Race (7-11) Sophia Meredith
3K Children's Race (7-11) Susan Kelland
3K Children's Race (7-11) TianCheng Liu
3K Children's Race (7-11) TianFu Liu
3K Children's Race (7-11) Timotheos Sophocleous
3K Children's Race (7-11) Toby Morris
3K Children's Race (7-11) Tom Buckell
3K Children's Race (7-11) William Hammersley
3K Children's Race (7-11) William Cliff
5k run Adrian Genziani
5k run Albie Mayne
5k run Alex Eichhorn
5k run Alex Howson
5k run Andrew Falkner
5k run Andrew Austin
5k run Ann Falls
5k run Anna Gibbs
5k run Anne Renshaw
5k run Archie Higgins
5k run Ashley Gordon
5k run Becky Clemons
5k run Ben Everett
5k run Carol Dobson
5k run caroline McGrath
5k run Caroline O'Flanagan
5k run Catherine Devasagayam
5k run charlotte kelly
5k run Charlotte Tillett
5k run Chelsy Dudman
5k run Cheryl Mapleson
5k run Ciara Tunstead
5k run Claire Rosser
5k run Claire Garthwaite
5k run Clare Mayne
5k run Colin Mapleson
5k run daniel Lawson
5k run Danni Morsman
5k run Dave Roberts
5k run Dominique Gillan
5k run Eddie Gordon
5k run Ellen Lewis
5k run Eloise Barham
5k run Emily Blackley
5k run Emma Howson
5k run Emma Dewhirst
5k run Emma Miller
5k run Erica Elsden
5k run Erika Pikulova
5k run Fiona Lear
5k run Fiona Vassalo
5k run florence Lawson
5k run Francesca Schock Schock
5k run Freddie Eichhorn
5k run George Mcdade
5k run Georgina McFadyen
5k run Georgina Pollard
5k run Graeme Brannen
5k run Greg Wisnia
5k run Heidi Dugdell
5k run Helen Martin
5k run Hollie Light
5k run Holly Davis
5k run Ioana Enany
5k run Isla Mayne
5k run Isobelle Punter
5k run Jake Mayne
5k run Jean Roche
5k run Jo Buckell
5k run John Williams
5k run Jonathan Davies
5k run Jovana Tzaneva
5k run Judy Turner
5k run julie simmons
5k run Kat Mack
5k run Katherine Roberts
5k run Kayley Higgins
5k run Kirsten Foulkes
5k run Laura Brassington
5k run Laura Negus
5k run Les Dobson
5k run Linsey Meredith
5k run Lisa Habibi
5k run Liz Townsley
5k run Louise Turner
5k run lucy duggan
5k run Lucy Johnson
5k run Lucy Johnson
5k run Luka Discombe
5k run lydia shaw
5k run Mady Henderson
5k run Maria Russo
5k run Maria Young
5k run Megan Rowe
5k run Michael McFadyen
5k run Mike Meredith
5k run Mitchell Enright
5k run Neil Mcevoy
5k run Nicholas Passmore
5k run Nick Kennedy
5k run Oliver Todd
5k run Olivia Pegrum
5k run Paul Taylor
5k run Paul Everett
5k run Peter O'Flanagan
5k run philip ellis
5k run Plamen Tzanev
5k run Rachel Barraclough
5k run Rachel Davis
5k run Rob Sweetman
5k run Rowan Morton
5k run Ruth Bolton
5k run Ruth Donaldson
5k run Samantha Proudfoot
5k run Sarah Todd
5k run Sarah Gellas
5k run Sharon Dubber
5k run Simon King
5k run Simon Morris
5k run Siobhan Martin
5k run Sophia Proudfoot
5k run Sophie Bowerbank
5k run Stan Verkaik
5k run Steph Corley
5k run Stephanie Cogbill
5k run Stephen Barraclough
5k run Susie Gook
5k run Suzanne Taylor
5k run Tammie Wisnia
5k run Tom Busby
5k run Tonia page
5k run Vicki Thomas
5k run Wendy Roberts
5k run Will Snushall-Khan
5k run Will Morris
5k walk Anabelle Belanger-Gilg
5k walk Anais Belanger-Gilg
5k walk Annette Brown
5k walk annette brown
5k walk Becky Kitchen
5k walk Carol Drudge
5k walk Catherine BARBOUR
5k walk Charlotte Jones
5k walk Chris Marston
5k walk Daniel Marshall
5k walk Debbie Taylor
5k walk Duncan Eastoe
5k walk Fran Schook
5k walk Francois Belanger-Gilg
5k walk Francoise Hardiman
5k walk Georgia Boxall
5k walk Jamie Stamps
5k walk Kim Robson
5k walk Laxmi Maddineni
5k walk linda king
5k walk Mark Brinkworth
5k walk Martine Saxton
5k walk Naomi Russo
5k walk Patrick Latham
5k walk Raaga Boyapati
5k walk Raghu Boyapati
5k walk Reuben Stamps
5k walk Roy Branden
5k walk Shah Latham
5k walk Sharon Hamer
5k walk Simon Robinson
5k walk Simone Brinkworth
5k walk Sophie Brinkworth
5k walk Susan Hamer
5k walk Tanishq Boyapati
5k walk Vasanthi Palanisamy
5k walk Victoria Lewis
Half Marathon Adam Hadley
Half Marathon Adam Mangan
Half Marathon Adrian Bailes
Half Marathon Alan Ince
Half Marathon Alessandro Regano
Half Marathon Alex Strange
Half Marathon Alina Tudor
Half Marathon Anastasia Loukianov
Half Marathon Andrea Thomas
Half Marathon Andy Little
Half Marathon Andy Cook
Half Marathon Ann Baty
Half Marathon Annabelle Hardiman
Half Marathon Anne Connell
Half Marathon Anthony Lansdowne
Half Marathon Ben Murray
Half Marathon Ben Notley
Half Marathon Britta Wood
Half Marathon Caroline Hennequin
Half Marathon Chris Hinton
Half Marathon Chris Nugent
Half Marathon Chris Easdon
Half Marathon Christine Lancaster
Half Marathon Christopher Hutton
Half Marathon Clare Browning
Half Marathon Clare Constant
Half Marathon corrin sheppard
Half Marathon craig dunlop
Half Marathon Daniel Haskell
Half Marathon Daniel Gorringe
Half Marathon Daren Piper
Half Marathon David Crowder
Half Marathon David Parsons
Half Marathon Ed Fisher
Half Marathon Ellie Wardell
Half Marathon Evie Clarke
Half Marathon Fiona Wright
Half Marathon Fran Waterman
Half Marathon Gary Martin
Half Marathon Gavin Winters
Half Marathon Giles Cameron
Half Marathon Glynn Austen-Brown
Half Marathon Grant Milelas
Half Marathon Heather Law
Half Marathon Henry Davey
Half Marathon Hester van Schalkwyk
Half Marathon Isobel Clarke
Half Marathon J Curtis Gooch
Half Marathon jack spencer
Half Marathon James Andrews
Half Marathon Jason Hurndall
Half Marathon Jean-Robert Saxton
Half Marathon John Taylor
Half Marathon John Pocock
Half Marathon John Poustie
Half Marathon John Donaghue
Half Marathon Jonathan Sparshott
Half Marathon K Elsbury
Half Marathon Karen Richardson
Half Marathon Kathryn Hayhurst
Half Marathon Katie Rooke
Half Marathon Kevin Wardell
Half Marathon Laura Geaves
Half Marathon Len Phillips
Half Marathon Lewis Joyner
Half Marathon Lewis Aldridge
Half Marathon Louise Ryan
Half Marathon Mark Ward
Half Marathon Mark Wilson
Half Marathon Martin Green
Half Marathon Martin Melaugh
Half Marathon Matthew Bennett
Half Marathon Matthew Mitchell
Half Marathon Matthew Perks
Half Marathon Michael Lewis
Half Marathon Mike Fraser
Half Marathon Miriam Ringshall
Half Marathon Natalie Grant
Half Marathon Nicolette Hutton
Half Marathon Nigel Notley
Half Marathon Oliver Kelly
Half Marathon Paul Weeks
Half Marathon Paul Seymour
Half Marathon Rachel Hobbs
Half Marathon Rajendran Raju
Half Marathon Rebecca Johnston
Half Marathon Rebecca Pride
Half Marathon Richard Garrood
Half Marathon Richard May
Half Marathon Richard Bailey
Half Marathon Richard Wall
Half Marathon River Edis-Smith
Half Marathon Robert Streeter
Half Marathon Ruqayyah Luqman
Half Marathon Russ Jarman
Half Marathon Samuel Dodd
Half Marathon Stephen Sullivan
Half Marathon Steve Pendegrass
Half Marathon Steven Insua-Cao
Half Marathon Stu Riches
Half Marathon Tamsin West
Half Marathon Toby Winterbottom
Half Marathon Tom Cartwright
Half Marathon Tom Hartnett
Half Marathon Trefor Harris
Half Marathon Trevor Mikelas
Half Marathon Veronique Laws
Half Marathon Will Venables
Half Marathon Zelie Lewis
Teams Little Legs
Teams Fleeting Feet
Teams Orla & Will
Teams GC Barristers
Teams GFitPT&Boxing
Teams RebelX
Teams Weruntheworld
Teams Mel’s Milers
Teams HaydensHeroes
Teams FBrunmeister
Teams Penny Project
Teams Emma A
Teams babesetc
Teams Bessler H
Teams The Cliffs
Teams Lu and Ju
Teams BNM Triathlon