Kelly's Clandon Park Run

Saturday, 17 March 2018
Kelly's Clandon Park Run

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George Abbot PTA
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All sponsorship and donations made using this website are immediately transferred by Kelly"s Storage Charity Events to the chosen charity or charities.

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If you're a UK taxpayer, please remember to click the Gift Aid box and enable the charity to reclaim an additional 25% at no extra cost to you.

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Activity Entrant
10k run Amey Anturkar
10k run Aoife Russell Moore
10k run Cathy Harkus
10k run Chris Bull
10k run Christine Gray
10k run Craig Carter
10k run David Woodcock
10k run David Clarke
10k run Dominique Frith
10k run Donne Pretorius
10k run Fran Pollard
10k run Gentil Costa
10k run John Moore
10k run Lee Russell
10k run Lisa Blake
10k run Lisa Brigstocke
10k run Lucy Bennett
10k run Marcus Gunn
10k run Matthew Carter
10k run Melanie Inkster
10k run Nicky Hack
10k run Panos Alexandropoulos
10k run paul tyson
10k run Reenen Pretorius
10k run Richard Gibbs
10k run Sarah Tiley
10k run simon judd
10k run stephen pateman
10k run Thomas Bancroft
10k run Victoria Lazarevic
10k run William Bancroft
4k run Andrew Mead
4k run Kim Derry
4k run luke tyson
4k run Rosemary Russell
4k run Sarah Hewetson-Grubb
Teams George Abbot
Teams HorsleyHeroes