Kelly's Cross Country Challenge

Sunday, 15 October 2017
Kelly's Cross Country Challenge

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Activity Entrant
1.5k children's race Alfie Meredith
1.5k children's race Annabella Salt
1.5k children's race Ava Buckell
1.5k children's race Kat Mack
1.5k children's race Kobey Mack
1.5k children's race Rebecca Nunns
1.5k children's race Rosie Nunns
1.5k children's race Sophia Meredith
1.5k children's race Sophie Brinkworth
1.5k children's race Tom Buckell
10k Canicross Paul Wheeler
10k Canicross Steph Pryke
10k run Alan Ince
10k run Anna Borrett
10k run Anna Smythe
10k run Aoife Russell Moore
10k run Benjamin Walker
10k run Bev Cullis
10k run Bryony Clack
10k run Catherine Martin
10k run Cathy Hagger
10k run Cathy Harkus
10k run Dearman Dearman
10k run Elizabeth McGee
10k run Hayley Bright
10k run Holly Jones
10k run Ilya Malakhovsky
10k run Jeremy Gomez
10k run John Moore
10k run Juliet Seldon
10k run karen anders
10k run keith watson
10k run Kirsty Wright
10k run Lisa Blake
10k run Maric Gomez
10k run Nadia Chan
10k run Nicola Whitfield
10k run Paul Peasegood
10k run Peter Shafe
10k run Rachael Charlton
10k run Sally Hackman
10k run sarah watson
10k run Stephanie Dixon
10k run Susie Crone
10k run Tansy Gomez
10k run Tom Wilson
10k run Veronica De Oliveira
10k run Vickie Rampton
10k run Victoria Sutton
5k Canicross Stephenie Wheeler
5k run Amy Mepham
5k run Anita Hankin
5k run Catherine Batson
5k run Emma Turner
5k run Gemma Gallant
5k run Jane Doe
5k run Jason Lee
5k run Jo Buckell
5k run John Doe
5k run Linsey Meredith
5k walk sharon hamer
Half Marathon Andrew Sincock
Half Marathon Chris Elliott
Half Marathon Chris Bull
Half Marathon David Burns
Half Marathon Denis Dounaev
Half Marathon Hollie Chandler
Half Marathon J Curtis Gooch
Half Marathon James Ackerley
Half Marathon Jen Ball
Half Marathon Katy Payze
Half Marathon Kevin Wilkinson
Half Marathon Lizzie Hales
Half Marathon martin salt
Half Marathon Mike Eldridge
Half Marathon Rebecca Cheek
Half Marathon Richard Sheldrake
Half Marathon Richard Meakin
Half Marathon Richard Garrood
Half Marathon Roxie Chandler
Half Marathon Sally Taylor
Half Marathon Sebastian Knights
Half Marathon Simon Shears
Half Marathon tara gleich
Half Marathon Victoria Couzens
Half Marathon Yoshimitsu Mizui
Teams Little Legs!
Teams Runny Honeys
Teams Kobey's Crew
Teams Gomezes
Teams Pack Fitness