We’ve had some lovely reviews over the years which are testament to the team here at Kelly’s Storage Charity Events:

It makes an incredible difference to Challengers

We were so excited to see so many people and hope that everyone has a fantastic time. We are so lucky to be in such a beautiful venue and I cannot thank Kelly’s Storage Charity Events enough for the continued support they have given Challengers over the last seven years, it makes such an incredible difference to Challengers and the families that we support


Amazing race

An amazing race Sunday thank you so much especially the volunteers standing in the pouring rain for us runners .


I wanted thank you and all they Kelly’s team for a fantastic morning on Saturday – we were so thrilled to see so much support for the event and wonderful to be able to speak to so many people about our cause. The fundraising total has gone well beyond anything we could have hoped for – being a smaller local charity, these funds will be making an even greater impact on our clients and I look forward to reporting back on how the money will be spent this year. Huge thank you again for this incredible opportunity, we’ve enjoyed every minute! This really is a transformational amount of money for Oakleaf so we are incredibly grateful for all your hard work and effort that went into this event.

Oakleaf Enterprise

Will definitely be back

This is the second time I've run this (I missed last year's) so I had an idea of what to expect. That said, not long after arriving I heard that a tree had fallen down over night so everyone was having to run laps of the 5k course. True enough, before we started this was announced to all the runners. Regardless, this area is fairly hilly add the rainy weather and it makes for a great place for a cross country run. Great down hill sections and this year the king/queen of the hill for a nice challenge (twice for me, I felt sorry for the half marathon runners)! Will definitely be back to run this again. Its well organised, we were well informed of the course change and the proceeds go to a great charity. Good stuff!