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We’ve had some lovely reviews over the years which are testament to the team here at Kelly’s Storage Charity Events:

It makes an incredible difference to Challengers

We were so excited to see so many people and hope that everyone has a fantastic time. We are so lucky to be in such a beautiful venue and I cannot thank Kelly’s Storage Charity Events enough for the continued support they have given Challengers over the last seven years, it makes such an incredible difference to Challengers and the families that we support


Hilly but pretty

Prefer this course now it’s not 2 laps, very scenic, couple of hills but short and over quickly and what goes up must come down so every cloud and all that! water stations at 5k which was great, even today when it was hot as it’s only a 10k. water at end, banana, medal so much better than previous years (didn’t look like it was picked up at Tesco which is has in previous years) loads of water at the finish, bag check was great, no queuing, all in all a well organised race

A wonderful event!

I would like to congratulate you on such a wonderful event on Saturday! The weather was perfect and there were lots of happy faces on the runners who completed the course. The event appeared seamless. It was so lovely to have the opportunity to attend the event and engage with the spectators and runners and have the chance to congratulate them personally with a medal was really nice touch. You have all worked very hard and I can’t thank you enough for choosing Jigsaw as one of the benefiting charities – having had the experience of putting on an event of this type, I fully understand the commitment and hard work it takes! Well done everyone at Kelly’s but hats off to both of you, for heading the event it really was a job well done!

Jigsaw Trust

Great support

Fantastic effort Kelly's. What great support. Congratulations and thanks to all involved.