A real pleasure

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for supporting Shooting Star Children’s Hospices with your event on Saturday. It was a real pleasure to meet you and attend the event.

Shooting Star Chase

Fantastic fundraising event!

This was a fantastic fundraising event! Both Kelly's and Surrey University have gone to a huge effort to make this event memorable with lots of entertainment thrown in (acrobatic cheer leaders, DJs, Gospel Choir etc...) There was also a ton of free merch. (awesome medal and tshirt)! I hope they raise a stack of cash! It's not the event to turn up to if you want a PB and amazing scenery from start to finish but this event isn't about that. Well done to all the organisers! Looking forward to the next event.


I wanted thank you and all they Kelly’s team for a fantastic morning on Saturday – we were so thrilled to see so much support for the event and wonderful to be able to speak to so many people about our cause. The fundraising total has gone well beyond anything we could have hoped for – being a smaller local charity, these funds will be making an even greater impact on our clients and I look forward to reporting back on how the money will be spent this year. Huge thank you again for this incredible opportunity, we’ve enjoyed every minute! This really is a transformational amount of money for Oakleaf so we are incredibly grateful for all your hard work and effort that went into this event.

Oakleaf Enterprise

Really well run event

This was a really well run event. Very hilly and challenging for the distance. The organisers did a great job of changing the course last minute due to a fallen tree. It was clearly marked so no one could go wrong.