Kelly's Clandon Park Run

Saturday, 28 March 2020

This is a flat road and cross-country 10k and seasoned runners will enjoy the mixed terrain, whilst those new to the distance should find it a manageable first 10k. The 4k is also mixed road and cross country.

For the 10k you should ensure you are doing 2 runs a week of 6-8km in the last few weeks before the event.

If possible, try an extra run doing an interval-based speed session, with a total of about 5k cumulatively in effort.

In the final week before the race, have just a few easy runs then rest up in preparation for the big day!

DON'T FORGET the right trail shoes and clothing for the day will make your run more comfortable. Please check our website for updates nearer the time about weather and ground conditions at Clandon Park.