Kelly's Cross Country Challenge

Sunday, 14 October 2018
Kelly's Cross Country Challenge

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Activity Entrant
10k run Alejandra Greenwood
10k run Aoife Russell Moore
10k run Charlotte Hobden
10k run Chris Gregory
10k run David Page
10k run Glen Smith
10k run H Charlton
10k run James Haley
10k run James McCarthy
10k run Jimmy O'Keeffe
10k run John Moore
10k run Jonathan Smith
10k run Julian Harnor
10k run julie simmons
10k run Katie Dobiecki
10k run Laura Edmends
10k run Louise Moffat
10k run Mark Colley
10k run Mark Coomber
10k run Niall Smith
10k run Nicki Evans
10k run Rebekah Jackson-Stevens
10k run Richard Leader
10k run Robert Colley
10k run Sam Sharpe
10k run Tessa Habberley
10k run Victoria Sedgwick
1k children's race Alfie Meredith
1k children's race Ava Buckell
1k children's race Chloe Connellan
1k children's race Grace Connellan
1k children's race Kirsty Connellan
1k children's race Kobey Mack
1k children's race Rosie Nunns
1k children's race Sophia Meredith
1k children's race Sophie Brinkworth
1k children's race Steven Connellan
1k children's race Toby Bassom
1k children's race Tom Buckell
1k children's race Tom Bassom
5k run Amy Camp
5k run Amy Coomber
5k run Ashton Smith
5k run Brittany Pike
5k run Cader MacPhail
5k run Frauke Hoare
5k run Hannah Rogers
5k run Jennie Hunt
5k run Jo Buckell
5k run Katie Ledger
5k run Laura Attwater
5k run Linsey Meredith
5k run Lizzie Marsh
5k run Mark Brinkworth
5k run Mike Meredith
5k run Rebecca Nunns
5k run Samantha Schirrmacher
5k walk Annette Brown
5k walk Carol Drudge
5k walk Collette Parker
5k walk Debbie Taylor
5k walk George Smith
5k walk Hayley Hawthorne
5k walk Joy Pope
5k walk Roy Branden
5k walk Simon Robinson
5k walk Victoria Lewis
Half Marathon Adam Donoghue
Half Marathon Andrew Falkner
Half Marathon Anna Kikut
Half Marathon Anthony Pink
Half Marathon Calvin Giles
Half Marathon Chris Bull
Half Marathon Colin Harnor
Half Marathon Cristina Rosemberg
Half Marathon David Flynn
Half Marathon Debbie Whitehead
Half Marathon Duncan Wilbur
Half Marathon Emma Wells
Half Marathon Fran Wood
Half Marathon Guillermo Christen
Half Marathon Hannah Donovan
Half Marathon James Rimell
Half Marathon James Wilson
Half Marathon Jane O'Brien
Half Marathon Jessica Gay
Half Marathon Julia Redford
Half Marathon Linda Uruchurtu
Half Marathon Philip McGuirk
Half Marathon Philippa Keith
Half Marathon Phillip Redford
Half Marathon Richard Garrood
Half Marathon Rosie Gay
Half Marathon Rupert Sheard
Half Marathon sarah Stovell
Half Marathon Seamus Mclaughlin
Half Marathon Wayne Young
Teams Allianz
Teams Little Legs
Teams GFitPT&Boxing
Teams HaydensHeroes
Teams Lost In Pace
Teams Meraki Fit
Teams More Limes!
Teams RebelX